Preventing Automatic Installation Tips

I often make an intentionally mistake, but this continue to happen as suddenly unrecognized software installed on my computer. This occurs because less comprehensive to me and sometimes we accidentally click something that requires a specific software installed on your computer.

Maybe you also have experienced the same thing as me, sometimes suddenly appear a popup that wants the software installed and you accidentally click OK the software is easily installed on your computer, and usually self-installed software was obtained from the Internet. What we worry about if it was a virus, spyware or Another Internet disruption,could be a mess right?

Indeed Preventing Automatic Installation Tips does not guarantee full security, but what's wrong if we try rather than not at all, better to reduce the risk than nothing at all right?

If you are a public computer user maybe Preventing Automatic Installation Tips is not useful, but if you use a personal computer you should try these tips.

Because the windows operating system already has a sufficient security programs so we use the windows as our protectors in using the Internet, which to do the installation software on windows operating system you must be an administrator

therefore to avoid software installation without permission, we should not be logged on to windows using an administrator account when using the internet connection.

Create a new account with the Limited type account, with this account you log in when using the internet connection to avoid software that is not intentionally installed to the hard drive.

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